The space industry is undergoing a revolution, rapidly accelerating to new, previously unseen altitudes.

We are a thematic private equity fund bolstering the Central and Eastern European space ecosystem by investing in pioneers creating true societal and commercial value to benefit humanity in the short- to mid-term.

„Global mandate with a special focus on Central-Eastern Europe.”

We aim to feel a gap that currently exist in the investment domain in the burgeoning space sector of the Central and Eastern European region. Herius has a strong track record in the CEE region and is comprised of a team of seasoned venture capitalist with complementary skillset who have worked together in the past. We pride ourselves on having a disciplined data-driven and well-documented process to identify and invest in future market-leading company in Space Tech.

Our mission

“Through investing in cutting-edge space and aerospace technologies, we invest in the future of society.”

We are a fund that seeks out investment opportunities with true societal and commercial value, proven through scientific, engineering, and commercial results, that will benefit society in the short- to mid-term. We invest in companies across key value chains of the entire space eco-system to contribute to the development of society. Our further aim is to fill the void currently present in the investment domain in the burgeoning space sector of the Central and Eastern European region, as well as Europe as a whole.

“Through conscious systems architecting, we will make the CEE space technology ecosystem more robust and a cornerstone of the global space industry.”

Our long-term aim is to unlock the growth potential of the CEE space sector, and through the increasing robustness and resilience of this region, drive the growth of global space market. Herius’ investment strategy plays a key role in helping the emergence of a new generation of successful space engineers, scientists, and entrepreneurs in the CEE region and globally.

Why herius

Investing in SpaceTech

Today, the space industry is undergoing a revolution, rapidly accelerating to new, previously unseen altitudes. The entry conditions have changed, and at the dawn of a new era with greater private investments and more emerging nations joining, new entrants are presented with a unique, potentially one-off breakout opportunity. Launch and manufacturing costs have decreased dramatically, due to a series of new technological innovations driven by commercial stakeholders, making it easier for new entrants to disrupt the industry and become successful.  

The shift in space economics

Technological advances are overturning traditional models for operating in space as low-cost access to space becomes a reality with innovations such as reusable rockets. The cost of building and launching a satellite has dropped more than a hundredfold since 2010.

Sizable Impact

Space technology plays a unique role in tackling the world’s most pressing problems. Space technology will enable connectivity and autonomous mobility while addressing the crises facing climate, sustainability and population growth.

Long-term growth

Space is at the nexus of several long-term megatrends, including autonomous transport, smart cities, climate change mitigation, Internet of Things (“IoT”), 3D printing, and the proliferation of Artificial Intelligence.
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CEE Space Ecosystem

Herius is the first thematic private equity fund focusing on the Central and Eastern European spaceecosystem, while as targeting Europe as a whole. „Global mandate with a special focus on Central- Eastern Europe.”

Herius was established to become the first Central-Eastern European specialist investor in cutting-edge space technologies. We invest globally but also have a unique focus on the CEE region, a region with a rich heritage in science and engineering, unique strengths in innovation and an unparalleled potential for growth in Europe. Through a strong network in the region, we are building a state-of-the-art pipeline that others often find difficult to understand and penetrate, which will allow Herius to generate alpha for our investors.

VALUE proposition

Investing in the exponentially growing and attractive space sector, using a unique data-driven approach, focusing on investments that can deliver strong viability and benefits to society.
Focus on the CEE region and emerging space markets that are full of potential and deeply relevant to aerospace technology, but beyond the reach of traditional investors.
Flexible investment strategy and capital to support companies in different stages of development. Strong expected returns from a balanced portfolio of higher risk, early stage companies as well as stable and mature companies.
Experienced investment team that previously worked together at leading Hungarian investment management companies.
Deep network of investors, entrepreneurs and technical experts working in cutting edge areas of the industry , leveraging the fund’s geographical, financial, and technological context in a region that serves as a hub and bridge between Western and Eastern markets.
Our ultimate goal is to ignite diversity and thought out environmental sustainability within the region through our investments. We believe that sustainable values and strategy mandates can contribute to a company’s long-term financial performance and can provide better risk-adjusted returns to investors.

Herius’ investment objective is to generate capital growth over the long term through strengthening the space ecosystem in the CEE region and globally to create a self-sustaining and self-reinforcing market driving continuous growth through positive feedback loops.

We take pride in following a holistic and data-driven investment strategy where our decisions are underpinned by thorough technical analysis and a deep understanding of the space industry, not only in its full technical complexity, but also in its unique interactions with other industries and macro trends.

Our team

Herius Capital has a proven and dedicated team of investments professionals and industry experts operating in the space market that previously worked together at leading Hungarian investment management companies. The Team also has many years of experience in supporting portfolio companies and has an extensive network of M&A advisors.

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Dr. István Sárhegyi

Istvan is an astropreneur, space angel and lawyer, founder of Herius Capital with an intention to boost the ecosystem of the space industry in the CEE region. He set up a JV to launch and operate Hungary’s first geostationary satellite for commercial, governmental, and scientific research and will start to operate in 2024. He is the co-owner of REMRED Ltd., one of the leading space technology companies in Hungary, focusing on the manufacturing and testing of space equipment.

Dr. Kornél Szabó

Kornél has 20 years of experience in the international capital market, M&A and private equity transactions gained in top tier law firms in Budapest and Brussels (Allen&Overy, White&Case, DLA Piper). A veteran space and STEM enthusiast with over 100 deals worth over 30 billion USD, he regularly advises local and multinational groups in the aviation, technology, and financial sectors with a specific focus on venture capital and private equity firms.

Andrea Novák

Andrea has more than 12 years of finance and private equity experience. Before Herius, Andrea served as the Head of Fund Administration at Oriens Investment Management, a middle-market private equity firm investing in the Czech Republic, Hungary, and Slovakia with $150 M of AUM. Andrea also worked at BlackRock, the world’s leading asset manager. She started her career at the Budapest Stock Exchange where she spent 7 years and held the Deputy Financial Director position.

Sebastian Misurak

Investment Manager
Sebastian is an innovation enthusiast and financial expert with more than 3 years of experience in the venture capital industry. Before joining Herius, Sebastian earned an MSc degree in Knowledge-based Entrepreneurship from the University of Gothenburg and worked as a business developer in the energy industry. Sebastian wrote his MSc thesis on Silicon Valley’s VC landscape and has wide-ranging working experience along the specific financial and investing value chains.

Kaja Hopej

Kaja is a space lawyer and an advisor on the Polish space sector. Kaja is associated with the Polish Space Law Task Force operating at Kozminski University. She holds an influential position at Greenberg Traurig Poland, focusing on the capital markets. She is a Law graduate at the University of Kraków and has a degree from EDHEC Business School. She is currently writing her PhD in cooperation with the Ferenc Madl Institute of Comparative Law in Budapest.

Marcell Sitányi

Investment Director
Marcell has more than 8 years of finance and private equity experience. Prior to Herius, Marcell served as Senior Investment Manager at HiVentures, a leading Hungarian VC with $520 million of AUM. At HiVentures, he led 10 investments in various sectors, deploying nearly $20 million and was a board member of 9 companies. Marcell started his career at the Budapest Stock Exchange and also worked in London as a financial analyst.

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