access one of the most dynamically emerging markets

With our unique approach, Herius created an investment framework allowing us to access one of the most dynamically emerging geographical markets from a technological standpoint.


High potential businesses across the Space Tech Ecosystem

Herius seeks to invest in high potential businesses across the Space Tech Ecosystem, supporting complete value parts of satellite and spacecraft value chains. The strategy incorporating postive feedback loops and reinforcing processes across the ecosystem ensures exponential growth over the next decades.

  • Our investment targets have been selected utilising a unique data-driven approach, focusing on investments that can demonstrate strong viability and benefits to society.

  • We take pride in following a data-driven investment strategy where our decisions are underpinned by thorough technical analysis and a deep understanding of the space industry.

  • We mitigate risks in a uniquely complex industry and a region whose space segment is less charted by western investors, by carefully evaluating the viability, scalability, and societal benefit of each idea and investment.

Key Focus Areas

Earth Observation

Push and pull factors on Earth Observation

Imaging the physical, chemical and biological attributes of our planet has grown in significance in a multitude of end-use scenarios in the last decades. These include land-use planning, forest development, national security and assessing strain on our natural resources. New applications for better satellite imagery are becoming increasingly available by advances made in the fields of artificial intelligence and machine learning supported by cloud technology. Due to these push and pull factors Earth Observation has one of the highest investment potential of the entire space value chain.

  • land-use planning
  • forest development
  • national security
  • increasingly available applications

Digital value

Digital products and services adding value to data from space

Large amounts of data in itself will not solve the global challenges humanity faces, unique ways of turning it into valuable insights is crucial for making an impact. Digital products and services that turn raw data into actionable information are new, innovative ways to utilize space data and technology in traditionally non-space related industries like agriculture, energy or transportation. The value-added services segment is one of the fastest growing area in the space industry and is a prime example of the NewSpace paradigm, which makes it a clear investment target area fully in accordance with our mission and vision.

  • agriculture
  • energy
  • transportation
  • growing area in the space industry

IoT-based products and services

Expand Your Horizons!

Internet of things has the promise to become one of the key technologies in our future. Smart and connected devices are able to collect massive amounts of increasingly valuable data that can positively affect a wide range of industries through automation, tracking and monitoring of assets and processes. Space has an important role in achieving global coverage since only satellite-based IoT technologies can enable the coverage of certain geographical areas like remote land and offshore areas. These positive trends make IoT-based services one of our main investment target areas.

  • automation
  • tracking
  • remote land coverage
  • asset and process monitoring

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