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Success stories in Herius Space Fund I

SECTOR: Satellite Services – Earth Observation and Space-based Antenna Services
Hedron is one of the strongest existing investment opportunities in the NewSpace market that provides access to high fidelity, real-time insights on what is happening on the surface of the Earth through the deployment of a hybrid RF/optical data relay network in Low Earth Orbit. The space infrastructure enables remote sensing satellite operators to significantly increase the quality and quantity of Earth Observation data production and delivery. The company’s solution serves the rapidly growing market need for imaging the physical, biological, and chemical attributes of the Earth in a multitude of end-use scenarios, including land-use planning, forest development, agriculture and national security.

SECTOR: Telemetry Tracking and Command Services
OKAPI:Orbits is an innovative German SaaS startup dedicated to making the space ecosystem more sustainable through Collision Avoidance Software for satellites. With an increasing number of activities in space and dangerous amounts of debris, assets in space face interferences, close approaches, and potential collisions with each other. To avoid those collisions and secure an interruption-free use of technology in space, selective data sets and algorithms must be combined and applied in a very fast-changing environment. As an expert in Space Situational Awareness (SSA) and Space Surveillance and Tracking (SST), the company offers risk monitoring and collision avoidance services based on standardised interfaces with a wide range of flexible modules.

SECTOR: Other Space Systems – Design and manufacturing/production software
The commercialization of the space industry is bringing a myriad of new and innovative space programs, ranging from small satellite constellations to launchers, to in-orbit services. As every mission is unique, they all require setting up new, custom, ground software infrastructures to manage their operations. LeanSpace provides all generic ground software infrastructure tools in a modular Platform-as-a-Service offering as cloud services, allowing space companies to focus their resources only on developing the specific high-value features they need for their missions, and therefore drastically reducing the time and cost to set up their ground software systems.


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